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lucifer & remote viewing

taken from coast to coast, october 29th 2003 recap:

"We're a dying race of beings; unless we contact our maker we're going to be written off," said Wednesday's guest, remote viewer Aaron C. Donahue ( That maker, according to Donahue is Lucifer (a being different from Satan), whom he described as an ET with pale humanoid features and a "red/orange glow." Inhabiting another dimension, "this ET will return to Earth in its craft," within the next seven years said Donahue, in an event that will be televised and seen by millions.

A former student of remote viewing teacher Ed Dames, Donahue said the two parted ways in Japan due to their religious differences. Currently Donahue said he makes his entire income picking winning lottery numbers which he derives from psychic methods, such as "PAN," the practical application of "non-historical data" such as symbols, letters and numbers.

A representative of a secretive occult sect he referred to with the fictitious name of "Third Order," Donahue said he "deprogrammed" both of his parents out of Christianity, and into Luciferian beliefs. "Trash your angels," he advised, for the "human race [has been] tricked by angelic encounters," which have led to our current state of ecosystem collapse.


also, on his dad's website, check out these articles:

Soulcatcher 2025 - the microchip that christians will view as the mark of the beast. (all about it!) the strange part about this article is that on coast to coast last night, he said the woman in blue's message was "kill us", which is slightly more chilling than the "let us die", which is stated that she said here.

HOLY NUMBER 666 - key to unlocking our minds lays with the number "666"

Shaking off Angelic Programming - Angels = bad. Angels = true enemies of mankind.

a whole collection of articles on why Lucifer is really our creator and our saviour

"It is my belief that once the Earth goes through the looming apocalypse, if there are any surviving humans, our way of life will be dynamically altered. And if she does not learn to behave herself and give her man the love he craves, the woman is in danger of becoming as extinct as the dinosaurs." women will no longer be necessary!

go to James Donahue's page =

Sounds like Orc trickery to me.
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