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defense from the transit of Venus

Right now i'm listening to last night's C2C with Wayne Green. Albeit i'm only catching the last hour, but once again, I feel this is an important episode. I love it when religious people have visions.
Wayne Green introduced David Booth who can predict the future, and sees disaster for the Earth, starting on March 16th. On David's website,
from NASA, "On June 8th, 2004 a celestial event of historical scientific importance will occur when the silhouette of the planet Venus once again crosses the face of the Sun as seen from the Earth. This event or transit of Venus last occurred in 1882, so no one alive today has ever witnessed the transit of Venus."

from coast to coast

What Booth dreamed in March 2003, on ten occasions, was a vision of seeing Earth from the perspective of space. He said he saw "a large dark planetary object" coming from under the Earth towards the South Pole. Then a huge decimating explosion took place over the western side of North America, followed by a "ripple" that traveled around the Earth. Booth added that the object was somewhere between the Earth and the Moon in size.

By correlating cross-cultural, ancient and current data, he believes what he saw will take place in the 2004 time frame, as part of a series of events that is started by the June 8th "transit of Venus." Further he suggested that the world governments and the Vatican are already aware of the coming disaster, and he and Green suggested a range of survivalist techniques to prepare. The government, Booth added, will unleash a viral plague on humanity, shortly before the incident in order to cut down on the chaos that will ensue.

All these people are calling in saying that they had similar dreams of Earth being hit by something from space.

Also worth mentioning is that Green said the Passion of the Christ will be a huge hit and help turn people to faith. He also said that it is like a divine plan, something to offer us hope even if he happen to lose our lives.

As stated in the above review of the show from C2C, the two offered some advice on how to prepare.

~ New Hampshire is a "wonderful place to be".
- Bury steel containers, use them as a place to live for a few days after this disaster.
- Form a survival group, and find some place in the mountains to go underground. You can build an underground place for $50.
~ Have a ham radio, there will be no power afterwords. Probably for a century.
~ Have a mountain bike for everyone in the family. Have a generator for the mountain bike to generate electricity.
~ You could buy a mobile home and bury it underground.

~ David received an invitation from the Carmelite people to meet Sister Lucia, the last survivor of the Fatima children.

I just wish more people heeded warnings. I will look into survival groups later tonight.
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