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the 22 disciples of hell.

For those of you who are not aware of the satanic cult/Son of Sam conspiracy, I will give you a quick rundown at this time. As David Berkowitz was taken into custody, the growing suspicion of one Maury Terry (among others) ignited a somewhat obsessive detailing that has spanned decades. Terry maintains that David Berkowitz was not the only .44 calibur killer, and that he was helped by other members of the "satanic cult", The 22 Disciples of Hell. Berkowitz's demonic muse, the dog Harvey, belonged to Sam Carr who's two sons were also alledgedly in the cult. (Berkowitz claims that his prompts to kill came from Sam Carr via Harvey, hence calling himself the Son of Sam. Later, Berkowitz refuted this information, saying the Sam part came from the pagan holiday Samhain, even though it is pronounced "so-ween".) Now I am getting tired of writing about this forward, because i'm sure that either you already know this, or aren't interested.
Here is some information concerning the link between Satanic Cults and the SON OF SAM:

- In an interview for Forteantimes, Maury Terry reveals the origin of the satanic cult:
MT: I trace it back to a physician who was forced to flee England after World War Two. He arrived in Yonkers sometime around 1946 or ’47 and established a practice on North Broadway, not far from the neighbourhood where Berkowitz would eventually live. In addition to being a Nazi sympathiser, the doctor was also a self-proclaimed demonologist who utilised sex for occult purposes.

also, he says, the man I’m talking about involved legal minors – boys – in his sexual activities. He eventually organised a group of like-minded people in Yonkers back in the 1950s. By 1970, this group had been absorbed by a branch of the Church of the Final Judgment. A nucleus of the local cadre probably still exists in some form, but it’s maintained a very low profile over the last 25 years. Also, more than 20 of the group’s original members eventually died under violent circumstances.

Note that Berkowitz later claimed his orders for murder came from THE PROCESS CHURCH and the ultra-satanic group the FOUR PI MOVEMENT. The Process Church believes that, among other things, Lucifer and Jesus are one and the same. Charles Manson has also claimed affiliation with the Process Church, and members of that church purportedly visited him in jail. Despite this, I still believe that Charles Manson has no involvement with negative occult practices, and therefore I believe that the Process Church is just a name Berkowitz has thrown out to authorities in hopes of "passing the blame."


`He believes the coven was called the 22 Disciples of Hell and says it also contained Sam Carr's sons John and Michael, both of whom loathed their father.

Terry pointed to the text of Berkowitz' letter to Capt Borelli, which referred to both the 22 Disciples of Hell and John "Wheaties", who was referred to as the rapist and suffocator of young girls.

`John Carr's nickname was "Wheaties" and he closely remembled a composite picture of the gunman involved in one of the shootings. But John Carr was found shot dead, in February 1978, before Terry was able to interview him. Scrawled on the skirting board next to his body were the words SSNYC, surely they stood for Son of Sam New York City.

As for Michael Carr he also died mysteriously. In October 1979 his car ploughed into a streetlight as he drove towards Manhattan.

His sister, Wheat Carr, is convinced he was either driven off the road or had his tyre shot out. The District Attorney of Queens, John Santucci, was so interested by Terry's findings that he agreed to reopen the Son of Sam case.


`Terry, after six years on the case, believes there were at least five different gunners in the "Sam" attacks, including Berkowitz, John Carr, and several suspects - on ea woman - who have yet to be indicted. Terry also notes that six of the seven shootings fell in close proximity to recognized Satanic holidays, the March 8 Voskerichian attack emerging as a sole exception to the "pattern." In the Journalist's opinion, Berkowitz was chosed as a scapegoat by the other members of his cult, who then set out to "decorate" his flat with graffiti, whipping up a bogus "arson ledger" - which includes perculiar out-of-date entries - to support a plea of innocence by reason of insanity.

On July 10, 1979, David Berkowitz was assaulted by persons unknown in the segregation block at Attica prison, his throat slashed from behind in a near-fatal attack that left him with 56 stiches. Less talkative since his brush with death , he remains in prison, and the case remains technically "open," awaiting development of new evidence that may bring other suspects to trial.

(emphasis mine.)

Now i'm getting tired of typing, so I will sum this up. Really, all it takes is some background knowledge that can easily be provided in internet links to decipher the SON OF SAM LETTERS, and easily come to your own conclusions about everything. - Had some pretty good information, but most of the article, along with the once available conversaions with Wheat Carr, have been removed from the site in anticpation of the Labyrinth13 book, due out soon, I guess. - has some random obscure facts, in case you feel like making an issue out of everything.

Maury Terry's book, ULTIMATE EVIL is in it's third and most updated version.

Also, there is a two-part Unsolved Mysteries segment about the satanic cultish undertones of SOS. This is actually what kick-started this for me.

I'm going to try to find more information on the Four Pi movement, just to see if's really a nonfictional group or not.
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