gotzone (gotzone) wrote,

the machine stops...

listening to coast to coast makes me feel like i'm not so alone.

my old love has seduced my new love into an almost blasphemous affair. my seven years of the occult study and my new love for Christianity have melded together. the feelings I have are only of guilt and an intense concern for what may "turn up" next. but is this really a valid taboo?

david icke makes reference in children of the matrix to william schnoebelen, who is under the wing of jack chick (coincidently where I received my salvation).
david icke has made accusations of not trusting in the church, and how the RELIGION (read: not spirituality) of christianity is something to be weary of. of course, icke provides information to back up his claims. he also provides information to back up schnoebelen, and therefore chick, on the topics of mormonism, freemasonry, and so forth. basically, the satanic conspiracy that is growing in information in these times.

if you make the logical substitution of the biblical devil being a repti lian, all of the claims back each other up. and so that brings us full-circle. there is an alliance of people seeking the truth, and trying to bring it to light. this power should not be ignored. if the resistance of people against reptilian ("demonic") invasion is to be successful, we can not fall prey to different RELIGION barriers.

the one-world satanic (reptilian) machine ruling our lives is fated to fall. but what happens between now and then can only be relied upon those who seek the light of God and want to expose the evil undercurrents of the illuminati EVERYWHERE.

just keep an open mind, and the trust your instincts.
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