gotzone (gotzone) wrote,

a few notes on the Trumpeter interview

these are just the ones on the top of my head, I haven't read the complete transcripts yet.

- he recognizes the Maitreya as the ANTI-CHRIST

a) several demons have mentioned the name of Maitreya in exorcisms, demons whose information had
been proven "true" by other knowledge the demons have displayed.
b) the Maitreya's appearence to Fr. Wingate in 1988, signaling the ability to bi-locate.
c) the shape-shifting (obvious reptilian trait) of the Maitreya to several different physical forms.
d) the mission of the Maitreya to rid christians (and more than likely other truth-seekers) from
the planet earth.
e) the Maitreya is aware that he is the anti-christ.
d) it is said in the bible that satan is the great deceiver, the Maitreya is portraying himself as
a new christ-consciousness, and a great world teacher.
f) he is in counsel to the United Nations. United Nations = One World Government
g) the several websites of the Maitreya log your system and gradually "milk out" the information
from your computer.
h) refused to give speech when Fr. Wingate was present, because of an interference the Priest
would case.

- the mark of the beast

a) being implicated by several governments to monitor people.
b) it might be redundant to mention the "6"s


a) goal of the Maitreya
b) universal brotherhood = new world order. ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, controlling all peoples in this
dimension on earth. "BIG BROTHER". the illuminati. ... the united nations may unwittingly be
a front for this, a way to "ease people into" a one world government.

- please remember

a) nuclear holocaust in flordia
b) great earthquake in KANSAS CITY right before damnation
c) the united nations will invade the usa under guise of "helping the americans"

and please, DO NOT GO TO ANY OF THE MAITREYA WEBSITES. they will absorb your information and anything else on your pc. the only option is to purge your system.


and watch your back, it's cold out there.
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