gotzone (gotzone) wrote,

"change is the only constant."

"There will be no peace until Jesus comes. Any preaching of peace prior to his return is heresy; it’s against the word of God; it’s anti-Christ" –Evangelist James Robison

With that in mind, you must once again question the "goal" of Maitreya and the United Nations (or any head of nation, for that matter).

When the eloquent evil, Benjamin Creme, appeared on C2C, a shadow person made contact with a woman:

"It ended yesterday," the Silhouette Lady solemnly declared. A caller to the program on a number of past occasions, she has been plagued by a "Shadow Person" that appeared as a silhouette on her wall. But on the night Benjamin Crème was appearing on the program she said the entity disappeared from the wall and later stood at the foot of her bed. "The end is near," it informed her. She wasn't sure if the reference was to itself, her or mankind in general. taken from

If there are other dimensions/species in league with us (as opposed to the blatent hatred by the reptilians and all beings in partnership with them), we shouldn't look down on their warnings, and take heed to their words. Aren't we all creations of God?

If you take into account the firm grip the Illumanati have on the earth's governments, along with their hand up the back of the United Nations, you recognize the evil motives of "THE" Maitreya. And then you come full circle with all respectable conspiracy theories.
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