gotzone (gotzone) wrote,

lucifer sucks

everytime I try to get right with the Lord, I always do something to mess it up. it's like, I can't stop my evil ways. i'm getting so disillusioned. i'm constantly in a battle to keep my soul. I know this, but I still keep up with all of this stupid madness of feeling the need to call out "I invite a demon into my body" and somesuch. I think it's a need to actually TEST the etherel, but I REALLY DON'T WANT TO.

and my only involvment with christians is when I post my questions into christian communities. i'm scared to be a around christians, because I don't feel like i'm christian, even though I love Jesus. and I don't know what church to go to! I hear some are right and some are wrong, but I don't know the difference.

God, please help me. I love you.
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